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Cuisines of Buxar

The cuisines of Buxar largely carry the tinge of traditional Bihari Food. Vegeterain items make substantial portion of Buxar food culture. The main diet of vegetarian comprises of gram flour, wheat. The use of cream fats like ghee is also very prominent. The fat intake of these people is also very high. The sweets are also preferred largely by the people of Buxar. Sweets are the essential part of every occasion and festival.

Cuisines of Buxar
Buxar Food Thali

The litti is the most famous dish of not only Buxar but entire Bihar. Though non- vegetarians are also present in reasonable number. The chicken and mutton made dishes like kebabs and curries with rice are quite famous.It has spread its taste around the world.

Traditional Cuisines of Buxar

Most of the people in Buxar prefer vegetarian food. The main diet of these people include dal, roti, sabzi and rice. The main ingredients of the diet include sattu, gramflour, vegetables, and wheat flour. Some of the very famous local dishes of Buxar are Dalpuri, Litti – Chokha and Baingan-ka-Bharta. Litti-chokha in recent times has gained popularity around the world for its finger licking taste. It is also counted among the best street foods of India. Dalpuri is a traditional food of Buxar and is made by stuffing boiled-crushed gram-pulse fried with special spices in salted wheat flour. It is common dish of Buxar which can be relished from road side vendors as well as the restaurants in Buxar. Litti-Chokha which is the most famous dish of entire bihar, has gained popularity around the world. The litti chokha is served with ghee. Baingan-ka-Bharta(Brinjal treated with spices) is very popular in Buxar. It is also served with litti in many parts of Buxar. Litti with Bhanta(Baingan-ka-Bharta) is the traditional dish prepared while people visit the very famous religious place called panchkoshi parikrama and stay there for five days to perform the rituals.

Sweets in Buxar

People of Buxar are very crazy for sweets, and hence a variety of sweets are found here. There ia a large variety of sweets that are made here and relished by the people here. The most relished sweets here are Laddoo, Khaja, Belgrami, Tilkut and Anarsa, Malpua etc. Ladoos are the sweet balls made of gram-flour, sugar and ghee. Khaja is a sweet made up of refined wheat-flour, sugar and ghee and iavailable in different variets namely Round, Chandshahi, Gandhi topa and Palvidar. Belgrami is a sweet made up of cheese, sugar and ghee. The most famous Belgrami comes from Udwantnagar which is near by Buxar. Tilkut, anarsa, malpua, laai, sonpapdi, perukia, balushahi, kheer makhana and thekua are made on same special occasions only. For More Click Here

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