Buxar City Guide

Located on the banks of river Ganga is the city of Buxar. The city is famous for the battle of Buxar fought between English East India Company and Indian rulers in in 1764. The major languages spoken here are Hindi and Bhojpuri. Buxar expiriences a moderate type of climate with warm summers and cold winters. Buxar has an age old history dating back to pre-Ramayana period. Bhagawan Rama killed Tadaka(Rakchhasi) in Buxar. There are many tourist spots in and around Buxar, some of them illustrating the glorious past of the town. It was an adobe of Vishvamitra. Chatth Puja is the main event of the town. Agriculture employs most of the people of the Buxar. There are many small scale industries like soap manufacturing, leather and timber etc in Buxar. Come lets explore more about the city with Buxaronline City-Guide !

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