Art and Culture of Buxar

Buxar is known for its historical heritage and rich culture. The city shares its boundaries with Uttar Pradesh which is visible in its culture. The city is largely influenced by Bhojpuri culture and Bhojpuri is the major local language of the area. The city has seen the famous battles and stills standing in Buxar are the remains of the past telling the stories of the vast history. The people of Buxar are not very modernized and are rooted to their traditions and culture.

Art and Culture of Buxar

Religion and Festivals in Buxar

Hindus and Muslims constitutes the major population of Buxar. The history of Buxar is linked with Ramayana as it is said that its is the same city where Lord Rama killed Tadaka(Rakchhasi). The city is said to be home to famous sage Vishvamitra. Hence the city has seen Hindu culture since early times. The city is also influenced by the Muslim culture as for long time the region was under the Sur and Mughal Empire. The city represents a beautifdul amaglam of different sects living together in peace. The festivals celebrated in Buxar includes the very famous Indian festivals like Dussherra, Diwali, Chhath, Holi, Eid etc. This in turn has added vibrant colors to the social life of the people as they celebrate all major festivals with pomp and show without any disturbances in the city.

Folk Culture in Buxar

People of Buxar enjoy their folk songs to the fullest. The folk songs are the life of every festival or nay happy occasion. Some of the most famous folk song sung in the region are kajri, chaumas, jogia,chhath geet, chaiti, sawani. Musayara, Kavi Sameelan are also part of culture of Buxar. etc. Folk dances in Buxar are completely ful filled involving a lot of enjoyment. Some of the famous folk dances are Krishnalila, Ramlila, Kaharwa dance, Bandar and Bhalu dance, Thumka, Kirtan dance, Dhobiya dance, Ahirwa Dance etc.

Languages in Buxar

Bhojpuri, Hindi are the prominent languages spoken in Buxar. All the advertising and media are done in these two languages. These are the languages spoken and understood by the majority of the people. English is also used by some people but is not the major language, though some of the advertising is done in English.

Art and Handicrafts in Buxar

Art and Handicraft of a city are very important in describing its lifestyle and culture. They are not only important with respect to describing the culture of the city but also forms a major industry of the town. The famous art and handicraft eventually also becomes the center of attraction of the tourist. Buxar is famous for its timber, furniture works and leather work. A lot of people in Buxar are engaged in this beautiful art form. A lot of tribal artifacts are also liked and displayed for sale sale in the weekly markets. They are also famous among the tourist and purchased in large number as souvenirs.
The beautiful and intricate wood work is worth appreciation. The furniture made in Buxar is famous around the city. The beautiful carving on the furniture is appreciated by all and the hard work of the artisans could easily be seen. Timber and furniture work is a must pick up on a visit to Buxar.

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