Business and Economy of Buxar

Buxar is the administrative headquarters of Buxar district. Because of its strategic location, Buxar is an important business and economy center of Bihar. Buxar is well connected to major cities through railways and roadways. The major economic activity of Buxar is agriculture. A lot of cereals, pulses, grams, fruits and vegetables are grown in Buxar and transported to other nearby area. Other contributor to the economy of Buxar are the small scale industries like soap industry, leather and timer work industry, forest products, livestocks etc. leather shoes made in Buxar are quite famous and a major contributor of economy.

Agriculture in Buxar

Business and Economy in Buxar
Agriculture in Buxar

Most of the people of Buxar are engaged in Agriculture. The district is well suited for agriculture because of the good irrigation facilities. A Canal with its subsidiary channels passing by the area was once the main source of irrigation here. But the canal has over time lost its reliability as a major irrigation source of area because of the lack of maintenance. Wheat, potato, rice, jowar, sugarcane, sunflower, bajra, maize and green vegetables are the main agricultural produce of the area. Mangoes are also grown in abaundance. The two rivers Sone and Ganga also passes by the area and hence increasing the agriculture produce by good irrigation facilities. Artificial reservoirs are also the increasing source of irrigation for Buxar.

Industrial and Economic Development in Buxar

There are various small scale industries in Buxar. Agro based industries acts as a source of employment in the area. Some of the major small scale or cottage industries are soap industry, leather industry and timber and furniture work. The leather shoes of Buxar are very famous. Wood industry is also finds place in the economy of Buxar. The prominent trees in these forests are Mahua, Mango, Seasum, Bamboo and some types of grasses like Jhalas. Jhalas grass is used for making the kuttcha houses. Fire wood is another important produce of these forests.

Tourism Industry in Buxar

Tourism industry is also on rise in Buxar which is dotted with various historical monuments. Being a part of Indian history due to famous Battle of Buxar the city is visited by those looking to get acquainted with the history of India. Buxar is a major tourist place. The famous battle ground which saw the battle of Buxar is located here. It is known as "Katkauli ka Maidan". Further there are many tourist spots like Shri Nath Baba Mandir, Fort of Buxar, Ram Janki Mandir,Chausa Hoard, Katkauli ka Maidan, Brameshwar Nath Temple etc. With a vast and ancient history Buxar has been a point of attraction for the archeologists and center of attraction for history lovers the famous museum of Buxar, the Buxar fort the battelfields and Katkauli ka Maidan have attracted a lot of people to them.

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