Lifestyle in Buxar

Buxar is a city having a glorious past. The history of Buxar is aged back to the era of Lord Ram. Buxar has also come under the Mughal rule and hence the lifestyle has a mix of Hindu and Muslim culture. Most of the people of Buxar still believe in their traditions and lead a very simple lifestyle enjoying their traditional folk songs and dance and relishing their traditional cuisines. Though the youth of Buxar is much more advanced and is moving towards westernization but still grounded to their roots.

Buxar lifestyle
Lifestyle in Buxar

Traditional Lifestyle in Buxar

The traditional dress worn by the men in Buxar is dhoti-kurta or kurta-payjama with a headgear and women wear lehnga/ghaghra choli during festivals and special occasions. On daily basis they prefer to wear colorful saree or salwar. In rural regions, women are supposed to cover their face in ghoonghat by using a dupatta.During winters both men and women cover themselves in shawl and warm clothes.
The women in Buxar also prefer to wear many ornaments like anguthi, kada, mangteeka, bangles, chain and hansuli.

Influence of Western Culture in Buxar

The youth of Buxar seems to follow western lifestyle. This is reflected in their food habits, dresses, enjoyment methods. The youth of Buxar are no in different to pizzas, burgers and noodles. Though there are not many ways for the youth to enjoy and have fun in Buxar. The city does not entertain many bars and pubs and there are no discotheques in the city. The influence of western culture is most prevalent in the urban areas. With the increasing influence of western culture girls too can largely be seen wearing western outfits.

Beauty Parlours in Buxar

Presence of beauty parlours in Buxar is indications of changing trends and increasing awareness about looks and fashion, both amongst men and women of the day. In recent years beauty parlours has seen a remarkable increase in the male customers. Beauty parlours these days offer a lot of beauty services including waxing, hair and body spa, face cleansing and facials etc. Both men and women largely avail these facilities nowadays. Here are some of the beauty parlors in Buxar.

Bhanu Salons
Address: Laxmi Palace, Buxar Main Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101
Phone Number: +(91)-9199788363

Sharda Ladies Beauty Parlor
Address: Vir Kunwar Singh Market, Near Central Bank, P P Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101

Pooja Beauty Parlour
Address: Buxar, Purna, P P Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101
Phone Number: +(91)-8409273756

Nightlife in Buxar

Unlike other big cities of India, Buxar is far off from the influence of night life. The city comparatively sleep early. The only options available in the city to enjoy late nights is to watch a movie as people here are very much crazy about movies, be it Bollywood or Bhojpuri movies. Because of the traditional outlook of the people here, women are usually confined to home after late evenings especially in the rural areas. People can also be seen enjoying dinner in some of the restaurants that are open till late nights.

Kunwar Vijay Theatre
Address: Rani Kothi,Charitravan,Buxar,Near Vishal Mega Mart, Buxar - 802101

Durga Talkies
Address: Civil Line, Buxar Gpo , Buxar, Near Civil Line Bus Stop, Buxar - 802101

Alka Theater
Address: 21, Piparpati Road, Buxar- 802101
Opposite HDFC Bank
Contact No.: 9934093017

Gift Stores in Buxar

People in Buxar are quite aware of social norms and love to share gifts on special occasions. The tradition of exchanging gifts is not new in Buxar but has been carried forward for ages. Gifts are exchanged on every happy occasion on festivals, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. This has resulted in the opening of various gift shops across the region. Choosing for a gift is a very tedious task, which is very effectively managed by these gift shops. These shops have a collection of different type of gifts for different occasions and different persons.

Chitrangsha General & Gift Corner
Address: Station Road, Buxar, Station Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101
Contact No.: +(91)-9570470950

Pandey Gift Corner
Address: Buxar Jail, Buxar - 802102
Contact No.: +(91)-9650544010

Anil Kumar Fancy Store
Address: Near United Commercial Bank, Chowk Bazaar Road Manipuri Kothi Dumraon, Dumraon Textiles, Buxar - 802136

Kamala Gift Shringar General Store
Address: New Chowk, Buxar, Main Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101
Contact No.: +(91)-9470027683

Fast food has not taken a grand entry in Buxar. People of Buxar still believe in having their traditional food. The rural people are far away from the influence of fast food. Though the urban people especially the youth enjoy fast food to its last bite.

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