Sports in Buxar

Sports are played in every city and town of India. People of Buxar are equally inclined towards sports. People of Buxar apart from participating in various events also enjoy watching other to play or the matches that are held in the city. Majority of youth likes to play cricket, football, hockey etc. Apart from these world renowned games some of the other regional games like gilli – Danda, Gudi Bazi, Kabaddi etc are also equally enjoyed by the people of Buxar. A lot of water sports are also facilitated in Buxar.

Sports in Buxar
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Famous Sports of Buxar

Gilli-Danda : Gilli Danda is very famous among the kids of Buxar. A lot of children can be seen playing this game on every street of Buxar. This game involves two sticks one big and other smaller one. The bigger stick is used to hit the smaller stick. A lot of kids can be seen playing this game on Ghats of Ganga.

Gudi Bazi : Gudi Bazi which is popularly known as kite flying in rest of the world is a popular sport of Buxar. There is a tradition of flying kite on many occasions like on 15th august, raksha bandhan, makar sakranti and many more.

Cricket : Buxar is no exception to the craze of cricket. Like in any other city of India, people of Buxar keep an eye on every ball of cricket and are well informed about each and every match that has been played. Apart from watching the cricket matches in stadium or television, people equally enjoy playing this wonderful sport. Many trainings are also given in Buxar to train the young people to enhance their cricket skills.

Kabaddi : It is the state game of Bihar. A lot of people enjoy playing and watching this game. The game is recently gaining popularity and hence the youth is getting attracted towards the game and pursuing it as their carrier.

Kushti-Pahalwani : It is also an ancient game of India. It originated in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The game has been popular since ancient times. Since ages kings and emperors used to enjoy watching the game. In Buxar the game is much appreciated and enjoyed by the crowds.

Sports Grounds in Buxar

The administration of Buxar is doing a lot to improve sports facilities in Buxar. A lot of steps are being taken to attract a lot of people to sports. Youth is being provided all the facilities to pursue their career in sports. Steps are being taken to facilitate people with all the training and material to popularize the regional games which are not so popular. The different sports club in Buxar are.

Indoor Stadium
Address - Pandey Patti
Buxar, Bihar 802101

Railway Sports Ground
Address - Pandey Patti
Buxar, Bihar 802101

Dalsagar Football Ground
Address - Arrah Buxar Rd

Sports Good Shops in Buxar

Sports have always been an important part of the life of the people of Buxar. Some of the important sports of the region are Gilli-Danda, Gudi Bazi, Looka-Chhupi, Cricket, Kabaddi and Kushti-Pahalwani. Kids, youth and even the elderly people of Buxar can be seen playing these games. People here enjoy these games to the fullest. These games are a part of their day to day life and apart from being their regular way of entertainment are a good means of exercise. Here is a list of all the sports shops in Buxar.

Sunny Sports
Address - New Chowk, Buxar, Main Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101
Phone Number - +(91)-9097858278

Buxar Cycle Store
Address - Buxar, Purna, Bihar, Buxar Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101
Phone Number - +(91)-9006299084

Ranju Cycle Store
Address - Buxar, Purna, Bihar, P P Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101
Phone Number - +(91)-9334060803

Aryan Cycle Store
Address - Laxmi Palace, Buxar, Bihar, Buxar Main Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101
Phone Number - +(91)-9708023206

Shivam Cycle Store
Address - Buxar Bazar, Bihar, Main Road, Buxar Ho, Buxar - 802101
Phone Number - +(91)-9934266981

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